Wednesday goings on + I got my car!

Yesterday morning I went to a RIPPED class at the Women’s Club! RIPPED stands for resistance, interval, power, plyometrics, and endurance. The “D” is just to make it a full word, I suppose. I loved the class because it was fast-paced and the type of exercise you were doing was always shifting so I never got bored. I will be there at 6am sharp from now on!



As I was leaving a woman came up to me and told me how coordinated I was. The members of the Women’s Club are always complementing each other and supporting one another, I love it! I am sure going to miss it there when I move to Portland.

After the gym I went to class, and got some great news! Both of the tests I took recently (anatomy and genetics) were graded and I got A’s on each. They both felt a little tough so I was a bit nervous and I felt very relieved when I saw my grades. After school I worked in the lab before heading home to walk Santo! After our walk we enjoyed some porch time in the sun.


I read a few more chapters of my book, “Empty Mile”, while we were out there.


This book is just what I needed right now. It’s intriguing, pulls you through, and is an easy read. The writing isn’t magnificent and the foreshadowing is as subtle as the mustachioed bad-man saying, “wouldn’t it be a shame if THIS happened??” and then (omg!!!) THAT happens. But sometimes a book you can just breeze through is a necessity.

At four o’clock David picked me up and we went and got…MY CAR!!!


It’s a 2013 Toyota Highlander and I am so in love with it. It’s comfortable, fun to drive, has a lot of power and acceleration, and TONS of room! I just wanted to drive around for the rest of the evening.

We went and picked Santo up to introduce him to the new wheels, and of course David had to give him a few treats when we got there. Catch through the window? Sure, why not.


Once Santo had been fed and sniffed around a bit, it was time for a celebratory dinner! We went to the deck of Draughtworks brewery for a beer each (pineapple express IPA for me, of course) and a delicious dinner!


To cap off the night, we headed to Target to get some accessories for my new rig. I wanted seat covers that matched Santo’s hair cover and would protect my upholstery from spills, and a garbage can so my car doesn’t become a pig-sty.

I plan to keep this car CLEAN. Unlike my last one. Ahem.

Also, headrest covers make excellent hats if you’re in a pinch. Multi-use items are just so budget friendly.


I can finally get back to nannying today since I have a car! I’m so excited. I can’t wait to drive the girls around in my “hot mom” car, as David calls it. πŸ˜› First, I have a run on the agenda, then teaching homeschool and walking Santo before a busy night of work! Have a wonderful Thursday!



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