Weekend Snapshots

On Friday after work, I drove over to my “little sister’s” house to pick her up for a night on the town! One of the matches in our program was putting on an art show at First Friday (a celebration downtown we do the first Friday of every month). These women have been matched for 10 years and they did an excellent job coordinating everything and placing all the art pieces. After perusing the gallery and chatting for a bit, it was time for a scavenger hunt!


We had a list of things to find and take pictures of while we walked from the art show to Pie Hole pizza. The kids got super into it and were running all over the place and attempting to keep their discoveries hidden from the other groups. We filled our bellies with delicious pizza as a reward for all that hard work 😉


I dropped Vuronica off back at home and settled in for a night on the couch with my two old men. David, Santo, and I watched “The Infiltrator” with Bryan Cranston and I loved it!


It is a true story about a group of undercover cops who achieved a huge drug bust in Florida in the 1980’s. The movie depicted wonderfully the gray area between good and evil. These people were murderers and selling cocaine all around the world leading to horrible death and destruction, but they also on the surface were very warm and kind and generous with their friends and family. The cops struggled with becoming close to them and then having to betray them.

Saturday was a whirlwind of social engagements. I slept in until 8 or so and then got ready and headed to The Old Post for brunch with my friend Annie. She’s moving soon too and I am going to miss her! I had the stuffed french toast and it was delicious.


I love putting syrup on my eggs, which is a very polarizing activity. People either love it or hate it.

After brunch I went to the grocery store to pick up ingredients for this week’s cook-up. I found an Indian Butter Masala simmer sauce and sautéed some sweet potato, onion, peas, spinach, peas, and cauliflower to go into it. I’ll serve it over rice for the rest of the week. Easy peasy!


Once the food was ready and I had returned the kitchen to its clean state, it was time to get a little exercise! David and I hiked University Peak and we just beat the rain, thankfully.


Every time I hike, the first 10 or so minutes feel brutal. My legs are burning and my heart rate is going nuts and I begin to think to myself, “there’s no freaking way I can keep going for another hour.” But once my body settles into a rhythm it gets easier and easier. Not to say that walking up a super steep incline is EASY, but I don’t feel like I’m going to die the entire time.

Post-hike we rewarded ourselves with beer. Of course. Why else do people hike? To see nature? No.


Feeling revived from the beer and popcorn, I drove home to shower and get ready for book club. We have been meeting for three months, and our numbers were much larger on our meeting yesterday! We had a blast sipping on wine, eating brie and baguettes, lemon cake, and talking about “The Shack.” Have you guys read it? What did you think?

For our next book we picked “The Circle” about a bright young woman who starts working for a tech company but finds herself embroiled in more and more troublesome situations as time goes on.


There’s a movie coming out based on this novel starring Tom Hanks and Emma Watson, so that was a definite bonus when it came to deciding to read this book. I just ordered my copy and I can’t wait to get started!

Saturday night David and I tried to watch “99 Homes”, but I passed out on the couch and missed most of it. What I saw was excellent though so I definitely want to try watching it again! I was just wiped out from such a busy but fun day. Today will be more low-key, a little bit of work and studying and a lot of relaxing. Have a great Sunday!!

Do you like syrup on eggs??


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