Monday Motivation

Where Saturday was packed with social events and I was barely home, Sunday was the opposite and besides a couple hours of work I lounged around the house all day. I slept in late and David came over for breakfast. After he’d eaten we hopped back into bed with Santo to snuggle.


The three of us are almost never in the same bed since David and I don’t live together and David’s apartment doesn’t allow dogs. Whenever we are, Santo is beside himself with joy and throws himself across David’s chest and gazes at him lovingly. He’s going to be so pumped when this is a nightly thing.

Now on to some Monday Motivation!! I have a lot I want to accomplish this week, and I figure putting my to-do list out into the stratosphere might give me a little extra push.

  1. Get My Cap and Gown


I filled out all my graduation paperwork so I know that I’ll actually be able to leave campus come May with degree in hand, but when it comes to the actual graduation ceremony I am out of the loop. I need to figure out where to get my cap + gown so I can walk when the time comes.

2. Set up shadowing hours



The family I nanny for has been extremely helpful when it comes to finding me doctors who are willing to let me shadow them, now it’s just about fitting that in during the next 35 days. I’ll have to miss some class but that’s ok, it’s important to get as many hours in as I can before I move to a new city where nobody has any clue who I am.

3. Get as much reading in as possible



The stack of books on my bed-side table keeps growing and given that I just ordered my book club book, I really need to start making some serious progress on it.

4. Write a rough draft of my new personal statement 


BLEEHHHHHH. I was supposed to get that done this weekend, but I couldn’t bring myself to. Time to suck it up and just do it!

Other things on my to-do list include working out, getting back on track with healthy eating after an indulgent weekend, studying for my lab quiz, working as much as possible, and getting all my homework done before we leave for California on Friday. I hope you have an amazing week! 😀


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