Now we return to life as usual

Since I once again have a functioning vehicle, yesterday looked a whole lot more like a typical Monday for me! The morning started by doing Trouble Zones with my friend Steph. She came over at 6:40am and we set up our mats in my living room and got to work. Santo came out and gave us some kisses during the ab section, he’s quite the motivator.


With my energy running high from a great workout, I headed to class. My anatomy professor told us a hilarious story about when she got massive kidney stones in both kidneys while she was 20 weeks pregnant. According to her, childbirth STILL hurts more πŸ˜‰

After class I had a break before I needed to pick up the girls at school, so I threw in a load of laundry and got a bunch of studying done for my lab quiz today. I also read for a few minutes before walking Santo…trying to stick with my goals this week as much as possible.


Speaking of goals, I’ve already completed two things off my to-do list from yesterday! I ordered my cap and gown from the bookstore and I set up shadowing. Next Wednesday I get to watch a GI doctor do a few procedures and sometime after that I’ll be shadowing a doctor of osteopathic medicine to gauge what that career path entails.

At three, I drove to the girls’ school to pick them up. They played on the playground for a while with their friends in the dreary weather before I took them to the fields for soccer.


I love watching little kids play. If you stuck two adults into a small area with some wood chips and plastic oddities they’d chat for a few minutes and then get bored. Kids can create epic worlds and have highly involved adventures…they get lost for hours in their own imaginations. I don’t think they realize how powerful that is.

Once soccer was over and Erin, the girls’ mom, picked them up, I ate a quick dinner at home and it was off to job #2! On my way into the chemistry building, I saw a pigeon that had been injured and couldn’t fly. I felt so terrible for him and I spent a while watching him and trying to decide what to do. My friend who was also working late saw me through the window and snapped a picture.


See him next to the curb? He’s white. On my way out I crumbled a Nature Valley granola bar up and put it in his reach so that at least he can have a delicious meal and not be hungry.

I got done with my lab work much more quickly than I originally planned, and when I got home both my roomies Nic and Mary were hanging out in the living room and we impulsively decided to head to Plonk!


Mondays are “service industry nights” downtown so a bunch of places offer great deals, and we got all caught up and made it out with only $5 spent. Score!

When we got home I promptly hopped into bed and read for a few hours before falling asleep. I think I stayed up too late reading..the alarm this morning came way too quickly! I hope you all have a lovely Tuesday πŸ˜€


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