Now we return to life as usual

Since I once again have a functioning vehicle, yesterday looked a whole lot more like a typical Monday for me! The morning started by doing Trouble Zones with my friend Steph. She came over at 6:40am and we set up our mats in my living room and got to work. Santo came out and gave us some kisses during the ab section, he’s quite the motivator.


With my energy running high from a great workout, I headed to class. My anatomy professor told us a hilarious story about when she got massive kidney stones in both kidneys while she was 20 weeks pregnant. According to her, childbirth STILL hurts more 😉

After class I had a break before I needed to pick up the girls at school, so I threw in a load of laundry and got a bunch of studying done for my lab quiz today. I also read for a few minutes before walking Santo…trying to stick with my goals this week as much as possible.


Speaking of goals, I’ve already completed two things off my to-do list from yesterday! I ordered my cap and gown from the bookstore and I set up shadowing. Next Wednesday I get to watch a GI doctor do a few procedures and sometime after that I’ll be shadowing a doctor of osteopathic medicine to gauge what that career path entails.

At three, I drove to the girls’ school to pick them up. They played on the playground for a while with their friends in the dreary weather before I took them to the fields for soccer.


I love watching little kids play. If you stuck two adults into a small area with some wood chips and plastic oddities they’d chat for a few minutes and then get bored. Kids can create epic worlds and have highly involved adventures…they get lost for hours in their own imaginations. I don’t think they realize how powerful that is.

Once soccer was over and Erin, the girls’ mom, picked them up, I ate a quick dinner at home and it was off to job #2! On my way into the chemistry building, I saw a pigeon that had been injured and couldn’t fly. I felt so terrible for him and I spent a while watching him and trying to decide what to do. My friend who was also working late saw me through the window and snapped a picture.


See him next to the curb? He’s white. On my way out I crumbled a Nature Valley granola bar up and put it in his reach so that at least he can have a delicious meal and not be hungry.

I got done with my lab work much more quickly than I originally planned, and when I got home both my roomies Nic and Mary were hanging out in the living room and we impulsively decided to head to Plonk!


Mondays are “service industry nights” downtown so a bunch of places offer great deals, and we got all caught up and made it out with only $5 spent. Score!

When we got home I promptly hopped into bed and read for a few hours before falling asleep. I think I stayed up too late reading..the alarm this morning came way too quickly! I hope you all have a lovely Tuesday 😀

Monday Motivation

Where Saturday was packed with social events and I was barely home, Sunday was the opposite and besides a couple hours of work I lounged around the house all day. I slept in late and David came over for breakfast. After he’d eaten we hopped back into bed with Santo to snuggle.


The three of us are almost never in the same bed since David and I don’t live together and David’s apartment doesn’t allow dogs. Whenever we are, Santo is beside himself with joy and throws himself across David’s chest and gazes at him lovingly. He’s going to be so pumped when this is a nightly thing.

Now on to some Monday Motivation!! I have a lot I want to accomplish this week, and I figure putting my to-do list out into the stratosphere might give me a little extra push.

  1. Get My Cap and Gown


I filled out all my graduation paperwork so I know that I’ll actually be able to leave campus come May with degree in hand, but when it comes to the actual graduation ceremony I am out of the loop. I need to figure out where to get my cap + gown so I can walk when the time comes.

2. Set up shadowing hours



The family I nanny for has been extremely helpful when it comes to finding me doctors who are willing to let me shadow them, now it’s just about fitting that in during the next 35 days. I’ll have to miss some class but that’s ok, it’s important to get as many hours in as I can before I move to a new city where nobody has any clue who I am.

3. Get as much reading in as possible



The stack of books on my bed-side table keeps growing and given that I just ordered my book club book, I really need to start making some serious progress on it.

4. Write a rough draft of my new personal statement 


BLEEHHHHHH. I was supposed to get that done this weekend, but I couldn’t bring myself to. Time to suck it up and just do it!

Other things on my to-do list include working out, getting back on track with healthy eating after an indulgent weekend, studying for my lab quiz, working as much as possible, and getting all my homework done before we leave for California on Friday. I hope you have an amazing week! 😀

Weekend Snapshots

On Friday after work, I drove over to my “little sister’s” house to pick her up for a night on the town! One of the matches in our program was putting on an art show at First Friday (a celebration downtown we do the first Friday of every month). These women have been matched for 10 years and they did an excellent job coordinating everything and placing all the art pieces. After perusing the gallery and chatting for a bit, it was time for a scavenger hunt!


We had a list of things to find and take pictures of while we walked from the art show to Pie Hole pizza. The kids got super into it and were running all over the place and attempting to keep their discoveries hidden from the other groups. We filled our bellies with delicious pizza as a reward for all that hard work 😉


I dropped Vuronica off back at home and settled in for a night on the couch with my two old men. David, Santo, and I watched “The Infiltrator” with Bryan Cranston and I loved it!


It is a true story about a group of undercover cops who achieved a huge drug bust in Florida in the 1980’s. The movie depicted wonderfully the gray area between good and evil. These people were murderers and selling cocaine all around the world leading to horrible death and destruction, but they also on the surface were very warm and kind and generous with their friends and family. The cops struggled with becoming close to them and then having to betray them.

Saturday was a whirlwind of social engagements. I slept in until 8 or so and then got ready and headed to The Old Post for brunch with my friend Annie. She’s moving soon too and I am going to miss her! I had the stuffed french toast and it was delicious.


I love putting syrup on my eggs, which is a very polarizing activity. People either love it or hate it.

After brunch I went to the grocery store to pick up ingredients for this week’s cook-up. I found an Indian Butter Masala simmer sauce and sautéed some sweet potato, onion, peas, spinach, peas, and cauliflower to go into it. I’ll serve it over rice for the rest of the week. Easy peasy!


Once the food was ready and I had returned the kitchen to its clean state, it was time to get a little exercise! David and I hiked University Peak and we just beat the rain, thankfully.


Every time I hike, the first 10 or so minutes feel brutal. My legs are burning and my heart rate is going nuts and I begin to think to myself, “there’s no freaking way I can keep going for another hour.” But once my body settles into a rhythm it gets easier and easier. Not to say that walking up a super steep incline is EASY, but I don’t feel like I’m going to die the entire time.

Post-hike we rewarded ourselves with beer. Of course. Why else do people hike? To see nature? No.


Feeling revived from the beer and popcorn, I drove home to shower and get ready for book club. We have been meeting for three months, and our numbers were much larger on our meeting yesterday! We had a blast sipping on wine, eating brie and baguettes, lemon cake, and talking about “The Shack.” Have you guys read it? What did you think?

For our next book we picked “The Circle” about a bright young woman who starts working for a tech company but finds herself embroiled in more and more troublesome situations as time goes on.


There’s a movie coming out based on this novel starring Tom Hanks and Emma Watson, so that was a definite bonus when it came to deciding to read this book. I just ordered my copy and I can’t wait to get started!

Saturday night David and I tried to watch “99 Homes”, but I passed out on the couch and missed most of it. What I saw was excellent though so I definitely want to try watching it again! I was just wiped out from such a busy but fun day. Today will be more low-key, a little bit of work and studying and a lot of relaxing. Have a great Sunday!!

Do you like syrup on eggs??

Wednesday goings on + I got my car!

Yesterday morning I went to a RIPPED class at the Women’s Club! RIPPED stands for resistance, interval, power, plyometrics, and endurance. The “D” is just to make it a full word, I suppose. I loved the class because it was fast-paced and the type of exercise you were doing was always shifting so I never got bored. I will be there at 6am sharp from now on!



As I was leaving a woman came up to me and told me how coordinated I was. The members of the Women’s Club are always complementing each other and supporting one another, I love it! I am sure going to miss it there when I move to Portland.

After the gym I went to class, and got some great news! Both of the tests I took recently (anatomy and genetics) were graded and I got A’s on each. They both felt a little tough so I was a bit nervous and I felt very relieved when I saw my grades. After school I worked in the lab before heading home to walk Santo! After our walk we enjoyed some porch time in the sun.


I read a few more chapters of my book, “Empty Mile”, while we were out there.


This book is just what I needed right now. It’s intriguing, pulls you through, and is an easy read. The writing isn’t magnificent and the foreshadowing is as subtle as the mustachioed bad-man saying, “wouldn’t it be a shame if THIS happened??” and then (omg!!!) THAT happens. But sometimes a book you can just breeze through is a necessity.

At four o’clock David picked me up and we went and got…MY CAR!!!


It’s a 2013 Toyota Highlander and I am so in love with it. It’s comfortable, fun to drive, has a lot of power and acceleration, and TONS of room! I just wanted to drive around for the rest of the evening.

We went and picked Santo up to introduce him to the new wheels, and of course David had to give him a few treats when we got there. Catch through the window? Sure, why not.


Once Santo had been fed and sniffed around a bit, it was time for a celebratory dinner! We went to the deck of Draughtworks brewery for a beer each (pineapple express IPA for me, of course) and a delicious dinner!


To cap off the night, we headed to Target to get some accessories for my new rig. I wanted seat covers that matched Santo’s hair cover and would protect my upholstery from spills, and a garbage can so my car doesn’t become a pig-sty.

I plan to keep this car CLEAN. Unlike my last one. Ahem.

Also, headrest covers make excellent hats if you’re in a pinch. Multi-use items are just so budget friendly.


I can finally get back to nannying today since I have a car! I’m so excited. I can’t wait to drive the girls around in my “hot mom” car, as David calls it. 😛 First, I have a run on the agenda, then teaching homeschool and walking Santo before a busy night of work! Have a wonderful Thursday!


Poker face

I haven’t done laundry in a while, so yesterday when I was getting dressed for the gym it was in ALL THE COLORS!!!


Purple and blue pants, orange top, and green sports bra. Stylish!! I did a quick and sweaty interval workout on the stair climber and my heart rate was skyrocketing! For some reason my heart rate is always pretty quick. I walk everywhere, workout a decent amount, and my resting heart rate is still about 90bpm. When I do intervals it shoots up to 200-220 on the hard portions and has for years and years. I guess I’m just high strung 😉

After getting showered and ready for the day, it was time for anatomy lab! We are learning about the respiratory system and yesterday we all got do do a spirometer test to check our lung function. My capacity and breathing strength were great, but when the machine guessed my “lung age” it said 31!!!


What the hell! I do not smoke or live in a polluted area so why the heck are my lungs 8 years older than they should be. Get it together, lungs and heart.

On my break between lab and teaching homeschool, Santo and I hung out in the backyard and enjoyed the sunshine while I sipped a La Croix.


Doesn’t our grass look great? We went for the minimalist look.

Once I was done teaching homeschool and walking Santo, I picked up David and we headed to the car dealership! While we were driving there he said, “honey you can’t be your normal, super excited self. Play it cool. Keep your sunglasses on if you have to.” ha! Buying a car is such a weird experience. First we had to look it all over and I just pretended I knew what the hell I was looking for. Then I test-drove it, fell in love with it, and had to be like “meh” when the guy asked me what I thought. When we finally went inside to talk money, the game continued.


“I am not excited at all”- me 

The dealer kept going back and forth from one room to another to talk to his associate, which we could just barely overhear. He’d come up with one price, David would counter, and we finally got it down to a number we could agree on. Why can’t you just go to a car lot, find the one you want, and buy it? Why don’t they just offer them for the price they actually want to sell it for? I don’t like all this confusion.

At the very end the dealer asked, “so, what do you think?” and David said, “well…it’s really up to Georgia Mae now.” They both looked at me and my sense of playing it cool went straight out the window. I blurted, “well I really want it!” David just started laughing. I am not great at hiding my emotions. Hopefully tonight I’ll be driving my new car!

Once we left the dealership, we picked up Masala (yet again) for dinner.


The rest of the evening was spent doing homework on my laptop in bed, with Santo helping me out greatly of course.


I learned a lot yesterday, and I’m so happy David was there with me because he probably saved me like $5,000. Now when I buy a car again in 2033 I’ll know what to do. 😛

Happy Wednesday!!


Random thoughts on a Tuesday

I have a bunch of ideas and  thoughts and  realizations (none of them remotely ground-breaking, don’t get excited) floating around in my head so I wanted to write them down to give them some sense of validity.

Santo goes to bed earlier than me every night, he usually tucks himself in around 8:30pm. But he lies RIGHT in my spot, even though he has the rest of my queen-sized bed to choose from. Then he looks at me like I’m the biggest asshole in the world when I come to bed around 10 and make him move. I don’t understand this decision.



“You are an asshole mom”- Santo 

Noise-cancelling headphones are the best workout tool around. When I’m wearing them, I can’t hear my labored breathing so my brain isn’t getting the feedback saying “this is really hard plz stop”. I do the same workouts and my heart-rate gets just as high but they feel so much easier! I use Firstop wireless headphones and I love them.



My eye has been twitching nonstop for the last four days and I think I’m going insane. All I can focus on is the twitch. Twitch twitch. Twitch. Does anyone know how to make this go away?



Just as I was writing this, someone ran into my garbage can outside. It made a super loud noise and Santo was very disgruntled. They did not even stop to pick it up. Rude.

Ok well that’s all I’ve got for you, folks. Yes, these are the profound thoughts that occupy my brainwaves on a daily basis. It’s hard work being a genius, but someone has to do it.



The decision

Alright. The car. We are going to do this “House Hunters” style and eliminate cars as I go down the list until we get to the end. Which will be really easy since I am 99% sure y’all can subtract 2 from 3 but hey, I miss that show so here we go.

  1. The first car to get the boot was…….the Four Runner!

2009_toyota_4runner_picture (11)

Pros: large interior, good backseat for kids and dogs, sits up higher

Cons: really expensive so I’d have to get an older model with more miles.

Since I need this car to last for a good 10 years, the newest one I can get the better. It doesn’t make sense to get an old car and risk having to do this all again in a few years.

2. After much deliberation and wrestling between my practical side and my childish “I want it!!!” side….the FJ was the next car to go on the chopping block

2009-toyota-fj-cruiser _40_

Pros: it’s a badass car. I like driving it. I feel cool when I drive it.

Cons: Santo has to be lifted into it, it has a horrible backseat for kids, it gets low gas mileage, and David already has one so we would have TWO impractical cars.

I got a little carried away with my excitement this weekend in driving such a fun car. However, we still have one in the family so it really does not make sense to spend all this money on a car that will annoy me to no end when I’m trying to get my kids and my dog in and out of it.

3. So…we are back to my original plan! The Highlander! 


Pros: it has plenty of room for dogs, holds 7 people, can fit a carseat easily, gets good gas mileage, I can afford a 2013/2014, and it will last.

Cons: it’s not as “cool” of a car. But that’s a very petty con that won’t stand the test of time.

Now that I know what I am getting, I can’t wait! Before now, when getting a new car was hypothetical it was mostly just exciting, but now it’s a little bit stressful. I’m very VERY lucky that I can afford to replace my broken car but having the pressure to get a loan and make such a major purchase is a tad overwhelming. I just know it’s something I’ll be using for years and years to come.

Have you ever purchased a car? how was your experience?



Sunny workouts + car shopping + girlfriends

I slept in yesterday and when I awoke around 9, the sun was beaming through my window and Santo was READY TO GO! He was so flustered and thrilled when I finally woke up that he actually did a somersault on the bed! Old man still has the moves. After breakfast I ran (literally) over to David’s apartment to get his car since mine was still at the shop.


When I do running workouts they go like this: easy jog warm up for five minutes, then alternate running hard for one minute with walking for one minute until I’m done. I go a max of three miles and I only run 1-2x a week. This works for me because it satisfies my craving for a good outdoor run, but the run/walk combo halves the impact and keeping my distances low keeps my sciatica from rearing its ugly head. Thought that might be helpful for anyone out there dealing with a similar issue!

After my run, I took Santo and swung by my friend Steph’s house to pick her up and take our pups hiking!

I met Steph when she was my TA for anatomy. She loves her dog, adores reading, and is so kind and easy to talk to. She’s one of those people where you’re like, “why haven’t we been friends forever?!?” We had a lovely one hour hike and the dogs got along great! (Which in Santo’s terms means he ignores the other dog and then looks at me like ‘omg help what’s happening’ when it gets too close but he doesn’t growl).

When I got home I sipped on a Mango IPA while I prepped the last of my veggie haul from last week to eat for lunch.


Yum! Something about spring just screams for fruity IPAs.

So yesterday while I was driving to hike with Steph, the car shop called me and delivered some decision-forcing news: fixing my car was going to be nearly $2,000. I quickly texted my parents and David to ask if this seemed worth it and their response was unanimous: sell the dang thing for parts. It’s 20 years old and its time has come.

So at David’s urging I drove to the Toyota dealership after lunch to check out a few cars. I am SO TORN. I thought I for sure wanted a Highlander, but now after driving David’s FJ the last few days I’m so in love with it. There’s also a Four Runner which is sort of a combo of the two, but it’s more expensive so I’d have to get an older one.

So now I have to decide: practical family car, car I’d LOVE but that would be difficult getting a carseat in and out of, or a mix of the two that’s a little bit older? What do you guys think?

On my way home from the dealership I stopped by the grocery store to get ingredients for my cook-up this week.


Giant veggie roast of green beans, carrots, and potatoes.


And I also made some honey-mustard chicken thighs. I always wear gloves when I cook meat because I really hate touching it. I actually don’t really love meat very much, I am not a steak person and I only like it with really delicious sides or mixed in with a ton of veggies. I’ve tried going vegetarian but I just shake like a leaf and feel pale and crappy so for now I just use the gloves!

At 7 Nic and I met our wonderful friend Maddie at Flathead Brewing Company for pizza and beer. The game was on in the background and I was sad to see Oregon lose. We had a wonderful time catching up on life, Maddie is in a similar boat to me when it comes to hitting pause before grad school so it was really comforting to speak to someone who knows the excitement and trepidation of it all.


When I got home it was another early night curled up in bed with my old man and my book! Today is all about study, study, study, and I have a meeting this afternoon with someone who’s going to tear my med school application apart and tell me where I went wrong. Putting on my big girl pants for that one!!

I hope you enjoy your Sunday and get to relax a bit!



Is Spring Finally Here?

Yesterday sure felt like the beginnings of a new season to me! The sun was shining, birds were chirping, everyone was out-and-about, and I couldn’t seem to wipe a little smile off my face. After my exam and working, Santo and I ventured into the sunshine to enjoy the day.


He insisted on bringing his tennis ball with him. We went to the park near my house and he chased a few throws with great enthusiasm, rolled in the grass, and howled with excitement every time I grabbed the ball from him.


And then four throws later he decided he was done. He laid down in the sun, panting, and wouldn’t let me get the ball. I plopped down on the grass right next to him and we enjoyed the warm sun until he was ready to continue. After we got home I went to the Missoula Public Library to return a few books and grab a couple more.


I checked out “In the Hearts of Men”, “Empty Mile”, and a few others.

Once I had my books in hand, Draughtworks brewery and its large porch was calling my name. I met up with a few friends there and sipped on their pineapple IPA (it’s back!!) while we chatted.


At four, I went and picked up David and drove him to the airport. He’s heading to California for the weekend. Even though it’s a work trip, I am hoping he take some time to enjoy the good weather! Once he was on his way, I returned to his apartment to get my car. Its currently having many issues, one being that it won’t start, so I dropped it off at the shop last night.


I brought Santo with me to Midas since it’s so close to my house, but after I dropped off the car I realized I’d forgotten his leash! He did so well though, stayed right next to me and stopped at every street corner when I told him to. On our walk home, Nic met us at Big Dipper and we all enjoyed a treat.


Santo’s willing me to drop that cone with every fiber of his little body.

When we got home I settled in on the couch for the night with “Empty Mile” and dove into its pages. All-In-All it was a wonderful Friday! This morning I have a hike with my friend Steph and our pups on the agenda, and a bunch more fun get-togethers.

have a great weekend!!!

Run + A Huge Rooster + Dinner Out

I said I was going to take a rest day yesterday, but then I saw the sun blazing through my window and I knew I needed to take advantage of it while it lasted. I laced up my tennis shoes and headed out for a three mile walk/run. It was glorious, and when the rain returned a few hours later I knew I made the right choice.

So now TODAY will be a rest day! For real.

Yesterday when I showed up to homeschool, the kids’ already had most of their work done! They earned 30 minutes of Minecraft if they finished their work and wow did that light a fire underneath them. I read a magazine while they played their video game and then we went out for a walk and made some friends!


I hung out with a horse named Rooster and he was hilarious! He was digging through my hood, sniffing my pockets, nibbling on my braid, and nudging me anytime I stopped petting him. He reminded me SO MUCH of our old dog Alice, who was not shy whatsoever about letting you know what she wanted.


AAAAAAAAAAND now I want a horse. And a goat. And six more dogs. Hmm.

On Monday I roasted a ridiculous amount of vegetables and it is going to be the death of me trying to get through them. I had to bring an entire tupperware to work yesterday to start making a dent.


That’s a BIG plate, by the way. Not the baby ones I usually use. It’s like a platter of scrambled eggs and veggies, and I drank a Kombucha while I ate it and looked five months pregnant for the rest of the day. Yay health.

After work I studied for a few hours, walked Santo, and then met up for dinner with my friend Hailee and a bunch of other people.


She’s one of my best friends, my bridesmaid, and last night was her final one in Missoula for a while! She’s going to California for the summer to intern in a Zoo since she wants to be a vet, and until then she’ll spend some time at home. I will miss her!

At 7 I headed to a study group and we hashed out some genetics until late into the night. I just took that test, by the way, so fingers crossed that it went well!!


Happy Friday!!

What are your weekend plans??